Mainstreaming Equalities Subgroup

The Mainstreaming Equalities group is a subgroup of the WYLDA Executive. The group enables West Yorkshire infrastructure support organisations to co-ordinate work on equalities and to think strategically about what they can do to mainstream equalities issues.

Documents and Resources


WYLDA has producedsix vodcasts to date which focus on whatspecialist organisations do fortheir clients that mainstream organisations don't do or couldn't do. They also give tipsfor how mainstream organisations could better meet the needs ofspecific client groups.

Below are some documents about the work of the Mainstreaming Equalities subgroup and other publications that may be of relevance to your organisation. Please note, some of these documents are works in progress, and as such they will change and develop in due course as the Mainstreaming Equalities group develops its thinking and plans.


From WYLDA members:

From elsewhere:

Links and collaboration on equalities

  • WYLDA is a member of VEHRN - the Y&H Voluntary Sector Equalities and Human Rights Network.
  • We are in dialogue with the National Equality Partnership, which is the equalities and diversity workstream of the 9 National Support Services.